SEISO Kids ( Batch of 5 )

1,700.00 lei fără TVA

A single device has a capacity for 250 people, and lower height, ideal for schools and kindergartens

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SEISO Kids (batch of 5)

  • Seiso Kid with Giraffe
  • Seiso Kid with Flamingo
  • Seiso Kid with Stork
  • Seiso Kid with Monkey
  • Seiso Kid with Dino


Works with Disinfectant 1L Hygienium

Disinfectant 1L Hygienium

Product functionality:
  • Hygienic, no contact at all with the product.
  • Fast change over of the sanitizer by taking off the
    anti-theft system.
  • Can be fixed on the floor, according to your needs.
  • Pedal activated, easy to use.
  • Designed and built in Romania, our target is to deliver
    a good product at a very good price for the safety of our
  • Works with Disinfectant 1L


Product availability:
  • Can be personalized according to your preferences
  • Product accessible in any location


Size of a device:
  • height: 730 mm
  • length: 94 mm
  • width: 94 mm


Base size: 
  • 370 mm

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 730 × 470 × 94 mm